Outfit: Autumn Colours

I love the rich tones associated with the colder months of the year and I always look forward to wearing them. I recently had some lowlights put in my hair for winter so I thought it was finally time to break out the darker colours in my wardrobe. I seem to have accumulated lots of burgundy items over the past couple of years, so when I saw this green shirt I thought I’d try something different. I was really drawn to the beautiful colour. I don’t own anything else that is remotely green so it’s definitely a departure from the norm for me!

I bought this flippy floral skirt at the same time. This has been one of my go-to outfits for work recently – it’s a lot smarter than I need to look, but it gives me a confidence boost when I need it!

 Shirt and skirt both from New Look


I have just retrieved my cosy hats and scarves from their summer storage – roll on winter!

H x

Room transformation: Big steps and Small steps

A milestone in the house this week – we finally had the carpet fitted in the back room/extension. This is the largest room in our little house and was covered in a mysteriously stained, moth eaten red carpet when we bought it – I couldn’t wait to tear it up! For the past two months we’ve been living with a bare concrete floor, with a few strips of carpet forming a walkway to the kitchen. But it’s been worth the wait!







I had my heart set on laminate for this room for two reasons; firstly, to deter the moths that had invaded the last carpet, and secondly because it would be easy to clean – the garage door leads onto this room, which is our only access to the garden from the front of the house. But it wasn’t to be…there’s a drop in the floor between the original building and the extension!  We didn’t want to faff around with screeding the floor so decided to go back to carpet. A bit disappointing, but at least the carpet is cosy 🙂

It’s feels great to finally have this room ‘livable’. When I came home to it I spent a good few minutes jumping around the room just enjoying the space!

A small step for me this week was finally getting around to putting some pictures up. I was almost scared to do, in case I changed my mind later. But tonight I thought, ‘life is short – just do it!’and grabbed a hammer. It’s those little things that really make a room feel homely.

H x




Room Transformation – Tiny Bedroom to Closet!

My second favourite room in the house (after the master bedroom) is my new ‘walk in wardrobe’.

This technically the third bedroom, although it is so small my boyfriend can stand in the centre and touch the sides. I had my heart set on a closet ever since we decided it was more practical to buy a 3 bed house rather than a 2 bed. Having moved from a one bed flat, we don’t currently have anything else to fill the space!

I painted the whole room bright white for maximum light and space.



This is the ALGOT storage system from IKEA. You can choose what type of storage you want (rails, shelves, baskets, shoe racks etc) and move them into various different arrangements just by clipping in and out of the wall brackets. The downside of this versatility is that my system had to be purchased in 40 separate parts – something to be aware of!

It is wall mounted so probably wouldn’t stand up to a hefty weight – but saying that, it’s stood up to the weight of all my clothes so far!

Turns out I need even more storage… there were two more boxes of clothes hiding just out of this shot! Another trip to IKEA is on the cards. I’m not convinced that having a whole room for my clothes will curb my shopping addition :-S

H x