Exploring Clean Eating

The Clean Eating phenomenon has swept the UK over the last few years and I’ve watched with interest as it’s spread around social media. My introduction to these diets came when I was given Deliciously Ella’s first book back in 2015. Since then, clean eating has continued to increase in popularity  but there has also been some backlash against a few of the more high profile figures in this movement, questioning the facts behind these lifestyle ‘crazes’ and branding some as unaffordable and even dangerous…

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Outfit: The Princess Skirt

Image adapted from Coast.com

Sometimes, a girl just wants to feel like a princess.

Jan 20th was the ‘Winter ball’ – the January equivalent of our work Christmas party. The venue was Bristol Museum and they’d gone all out with a Christmassy theme – even crackers – it weirdly felt like we’d all stepped back a month in time!

But… back to the outfit.

It’s rare that I get to properly dress up these days. It’s all weddings. When I go ‘out’ – it’s generally jeans and heeled boots. And even then I usually end up feeling overdressed. So for this event I was determined to up the glam….

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