Out and About: Christmas shopping in Bath

Yes, we were crazy enough to go shopping in Bath on the Saturday after Black Friday, and yes, it was BUSY. But that’s what happens when your uni mate comes to visit and you happen to live just outside the town you went to uni in. Here’s a few snaps from my weekend, featuring Bath’s Christmas market (wintry sun, mulled wine, shopping…) and my friends’ little dog Ella (who looks like a cross between a fox and a baby deer).

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Spring style additions and my girly weekend

Some friends of mine were down in Bristol this weekend and in honour of their visit, I added a few new touches to my look.

I’ve been experimenting with a small side plait, channelling Daenerys Targaryen (Big Game of Thrones fan here 🙂 ). I love this look and would have tried it earlier if I was more skilled at plaiting! I would love to try a Katniss (The Hunger Games)  inspired waterfall plait but I think I would struggle. That’s something to practice! This plait was perfect for me this weekend; I wanted to wear my hair down but I don’t like having hair in my face.


Another new thing is my obsession with a colour I like to call ‘Mint’ (a pale pastel turquoise). I’ve been loving pastels this spring and it’s such a lovely colour for sunny spring days like this weekend! I’ve just treated myself to this new nail polish – Breakfast in Bed from the Rita Ora for Rimmel range.


(My nails are quite short at the moment. I have to keep them in check because of my lab work 😦 )

I think my preoccupation with this colour started when we moved into our flat last year. The walls of the living room were painted this exact colour. It’s unusual and not the colour I would choose in my own place, but it really works with the existing fixtures. I also have a casual tee and sunglasses in this colour – I thought about taking a photo of this combination but I think it would be mint overload! On my wishlist is a leather pencil skirt in this colour.

It was quite a relaxed weekend – we had a quiet girly night in with facepacks, trashy TV and gin! On Sunday we had a long session in the Thermae Bath Spa. It has an open air rooftop pool which we spent most of our time in. The views over Bath are beautiful, as was the weather. I’ve caught the sun on my face and shoulders!

It was a special treat for me to go to Bath on such a gorgeous sunny day – I was a student there and have lots of great memories of the city. I had to be stewarded around the shops so that I restricted my spending (still saving for that house deposit…)

Anyone else a mint fan? Or do you disagree with my description of it as mint? 🙂

Hattie x