OOTD: Loving my (new) New Balance trainers

The past 2 weeks have been a busy blur. With the bathroom re-vamp ongoing (more on that when it’s finally complete) and preparations for the charity bike ride (completed (and survived) on Saturday – again, probably a separate post later) – I’ve barely thought about blogging!

Here’s a little OOTD post featuring my New Balance 373s, which I’m currently living in. When I say OOTD, this has been almost every other day for the past week or so!

I never used to be much of a fashion trainer girl – I own a pair of the almost ubiquitous white converse but tend to favour boots for everyday wear. Working in a lab, I can’t wear sandals (or anything where my skin is exposed) so my shoe collection is 90% boots.

This year I’ve finally branched out into trainers and I love mixing them into a smarter look. I got some Adidas superstars earlier in the year but rarely wear them in work – I think they push the already very relaxed ‘smart casual’ office code a little too far. But they are COMFY. At the grand old age of 27, with knees and feet abused by years in heels, I appreciate comfy. I’d been keeping an eye out for some other trainers in a darker colour and spotted these – I love the navy, grey and coral pink colour combination!


I’ve worn them to work with dark denim and a white cotton shirt, but mostly I just pick up the colours with a simple grey t shirt and skinny jeans or leggings. Easy, and I love it. I was a bit too late for 90s fashion but I’m happy to go with the casual classics this time around!

H x

Outfit – Sunshine and Showers

Yesterday my boyfriend and I took a trip around Bristol to check out some of the areas we are looking to buy a house in. The weather was veering wildly between surprisingly warm sunshine and showers with a gale attached, so it was time to layer up. I’ve turned this old black jumper into a cropped version so that it’s more versatile. I love cropped tops and have a few summery holiday pieces but very rarely get the occasion to wear them. Layering them is an avenue I haven’t explored very much so far.


(Oops, shirt is a bit creased – we spent quite a long time in the car hiding from the rain!)

 I think I’ll be wearing this style in work more often – my office always seems to be really cold and this is a great way of keeping warm while still showing off the feature top.

I wore a light blue shirt underneath to keep it summery. I think I’ll be taking a fresh look at my existing wardrobe to see if I can crop anything else!

H x

Black Bags and Big Decisions

It’s been a pretty busy few days over Easter, split between Bristol and Wales visiting the family. It was straight back to the early starts this morning and ended up being a 9 hour day 😦 As we were back late from work, my boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a cheap and cheerful dinner at Pizza Express down the road (not very exciting or original I know but the menu never disappoints me).

I looked like a scruff but was too hungry to change, so in an attempt to smarten up I grabbed two favourites: my pink coat and trusty black leather bag. I love the effect of a beautiful handbag. This one always makes me feel a little bit more classy, and, when I’m walking down the street on a nice sunny day, like I’m in an episode of Sex and the City! It’s by John Rocha and I bought it as a ‘necessity’ for an interview last year (Read: I wanted it because it looks a bit like the Mulberry Bayswater I will never own).


(I was too lazy to change my Converse!)

Another excuse for having dinner out was the need for a Discussion. Here’s the dilemma: My boyfriend’s parents have offered for us to move in with them for a few months while we save up to buy a house.

It will obviously save us money – we have the deposit now but it seems to be unbelievably expensive just to move, let alone to buy the property! My boyfriend’s parents are lovely and I get on well with them but I don’t want to lose my personal space – I’m a very independent person and enjoy time on my own in the evenings. I worry that it could get awkward with the differences between  cooking and day-to-day habits. They also live outside of Bristol and moving out of the centre would be quite a big change for me.

My boyfriend says it will be a ‘short term pain for long term gain’ but I can’t bring myself to agree to it yet. Does anybody have experience of moving in with a partner’s family?

H x