Bank Holiday DIY: Terrarium

My collection of houseplants started, as I expect most people’s do, with a humble spider plant. It survived all the way through my university years and now sits on my desk at work. Thanks to my Mum and my boyfriend’s mum, my current house is hardly short of plants – I’ve got everything from tiny succulent pots to a palm-like mini tree over a metre tall. I can’t lie and say I’m green-fingered – my boyfriend is usually the one who waters them!

Houseplants seem to be having a big moment in interiors trends. They are great for adding colour and interest to a space. Plus (here’s the scientist popping up!) some of them remove unpleasant chemicals from the air! Succulents seem to be particularly popular right now.

I’d had my eye on a terrarium for a while and a family member bought me a beautiful angular copper one for Christmas. Despite how much I love it, I’ve only just got around to filling it with plants….this was my mini bank holiday project!


I chose three cute little succulents for my terrarium. I won’t go into detail about how I created it – there’s tons of info out there on the internet (Pinterest is a good start for tutorials :-))

I would consider buying a ‘pre-prepared’ terrarium. This one was surprisingly tricky to arrange. My hand only just fits into the top opening and it took a while to get it looking tidy – the soil and gravel are easily trapped in between the plant shoots. I’m really happy with how it looks though – for now it’s on the window sill in my closet so that I can appreciate it in the mornings when I’m getting ready.



I have also added this Aloe plant to my collection – a plant with white spots in a white pot is a winner!

Let’s see if they survive….

H x


Bedroom Transformation – Calming Grey and Moody Dark Blue

Long time no see! Since our house purchase in July, it seems my whole life has revolved around painting and decorating. When we bought the house I assumed that decorating would be a fairly swift process, say, two weeks….in the end it was two months before we even moved in!

The house was previously owned by an elderly couple and it was in serious need of cosmetic TLC. We jumped right in at the deep end – painting every room from top to bottom (days and DAYS spent sanding and glossing) and several new carpets.

I’m very happy to start sharing some of what we’ve achieved so far!

First up, a few highlights from the main bedroom…





For a master bedroom this is surprisingly long and narrow, and therefore quite dark. I chose a pale, warm grey as the main wall colour (Polished Pebble by Dulux). I love feature walls and strong colours and fell in love with this dark blue (Sapphire Salute, Dulux).  Friends and family were concerned that using such a dark colour was a risk in a room like this, but I knew that it would make a nice contrast with the white bedroom furniture we already had.



This is my favourite room in the house so far – the colours are calm and serene. I’ve kept a few pops of pink in there to brighten things up. I’ve kept furniture to a minimum to keep it feeling spacious.  It still needs a few finishing touches – I’m on the hunt for some white curtains, a free standing mirror and most importantly, some pictures for the walls!

More soon – H x