Outfit: Wedding guest – my favourite dress

Wedding season is now over for me so this post is a little late – I just haven’t had time to take any photos! But I wanted to feature this dress which has seen me through 3 out of 4 weddings I’ve attended this year.

I bought this for a winter wedding way back in February but I loved it so much I wore it again in May and August! It was a barginous £28 in a sale at Miss Selfridge.

I’m not a huge fan of more traditional formal/prom style dresses – A line styles in particular don’t suit my frame very well. I’m always on the hunt for something a bit unusual. My other wedding go-to is this floral jumpsuit, also from Miss Selfridge.

I rarely wear long dresses but I LOVE the maxi-length cape sides of the dress. It perfectly combines the swishyness of a long dress with a practicality (and leg reveal!) of a short one. The long sections create a beautiful elegant movement when you walk. And predictably, it’s fun to dance in! When the music stepped up a level I just tied the sides around the body of the dress out of the way 🙂

To brighten up the outfit I paired the dress with a mustard-yellow suede fringed clutch (Oasis) and my ‘comfy’ burnt orange block heels (Office). Admittedly this dress would look better with higher heels – let’s be honest, everyone’s legs look better with higher heels! But after years of wearing ridiculous heels I’m trying to give my feet and my knees a break.

This dress definitely delivers on swish-factor! Would you wear a dress like this?

H x


Outfit: It’s still cold outside!

I don’t care if the coral coat has had it’s moment – I love mine and I’m still wearing it nearly everyday! This is another ‘it’s fate’ buy from Miss Selfridge. I’ve wanted a boyfriend coat like this for a while and stalked this one on MS’s website for a good few weeks, umming and ahhing about the colour….until it sold out! Is is just me or does missing out on something make you want it even more?! I got lucky on an unplanned trip to the shops – there is was, 30% off in the sale! Happy Hattie 🙂

I love the huge pockets on this coat; I get can away without a large handbag most of the time. I look less than happy today as it’s pretty cold and windy outside! I might have to add a scarf before I venture into town..




Outfit: Wedding season has arrived…Flower power!

I went to a wedding at the weekend and this was my outfit….


It’s the first of a few I’m attending this year and I’d told myself that I would NOT buy a new dress (I’m trying to save for a house deposit this year). Technically, I stuck to that ruling. I saw this floral jumpsuit in Miss Selfridge a month ago and was smitten.

I’m a big fan of playsuits (I have two at the moment) but this is my first jumpsuit. I couldn’t wait to call my mum after I’d bought it – she had some great jumpsuits back in the 70s, although they were much more utilitarian in style. She gave me a useful tip re bathroom visits: take the whole jumpsuit off and hang it up so that it doesn’t drag on the floor!

To keep it simple, I wore black heels and a black blazer when it got a bit chilly. I did throw in a few colour pops though: my favourite orangey-red lipstick, bright green stud earrings and bright blue nails.

As it was quite a formal wedding I probably stuck out a bit among the dresses – I got lots of compliments though which was very flattering. The jumpsuit will have it’s second outing for another wedding in a month’s time!