Making an Effort

A little while ago I listened to a radio show discussion about young people, particularly girls, believing it wasn’t ‘cool to be smart’. In my mind, caring about being smart is closely connected to caring about working hard – caring about putting effort in.

I think I’m quite an earnest person. In my teenage years, in the minefield that was high school, studying the relaxed, ‘don’t care’ attitude of some of my classmates was practically an additional subject for me. From what I remember, enthusiasm or passion – shown by anyone –  often resulted in teasing. When did not caring get so cool?

I’m definitely not a teenager anymore, but sometimes I still encounter the same attitudes among ‘adults’. I’ve had a pretty exhausting/frustrating day at work which has also partly inspired this post.If you are someone who puts effort into (almost) everything they do, however insignificant or boring, it’s so depressing to deal with people who can’t be bothered. What’s the point in doing anything in life if you do a half-arsed job?

Anyway, rant over. Hard work does pay off and there will always be someone out there who appreciates what you do, whatever it is. Here’s to enthusiastic people!

Time for some positivity – I’m actually having a pretty good week! Bike training for September’s cycle ride (read what I’m doing here) is going well – cycling the 15 miles to and from work is feeling easier each time. I’m also looking forward to visiting some old uni friends this weekend 🙂

Hope everyone else is having a good week!

H x

Temporarily ignoring the future…

Today has been a crazy day for the UK. Rather than think about the uncertainty of the future, I’m currently looking at the happy past – at some of my photos of last weekend. We had a long weekend with family in a beautiful part of the UK: Devon.

I’m sitting watching Glasto on TV: it’s currently Foals, playing Spanish Sahara. (LOVE Foals. Wish I was at Glasto now, although I think I’ve had enough of the disappointing UK weather recently!)

Spanish Sahara kinda feels appropriate now – it’s such a moody, evocative song.

Anyway, some photos for you to enjoy….I enjoyed taking them 🙂

H x



Hartland, Devon



Clovelly, Devon



FOMO – First World Disease?


According to a favourite source of mine, Urban Dictionary: ‘Fear Of Missing Out:  A form of social anxiety – a compulsive concern that one might miss an opportunity or satisfying event.’

I am guilty of FOMO. It’s an intrinsically human feeling and these days, social media only serves to heighten that sense of ‘everyone else is having so much more fun than me’.

Last week I was invited to a little gathering. I like the group but they’re not my closest
friends. It was really nice to be invited but it wasn’t high priority for me as I already had a busy weekend lined up. I thought I wasn’t bothered about going.

But then I spent a ridiculous amount of time agonizing whether to go or not. Why was I so anxious about making a simple decision?

It was FOMO. They were all going to have themostamazingtime.

No one likes being left out. Deep down I think everyone has that very human desire to be liked, to be included, to be part of the group.

I remembered that the girl who was hosting probably had very similar fears. It’s quite a brave thing to do – invite a load of people round to your house and hope that some of them turn up. I realized that (as usual..) I was completely overanalysing the situation. There was no right or wrong answer.

In the end I did go along. It wasn’t the best thing ever. But we had good food, a few drinks and some fun chat. And that’s fine.

Stand back, recognise your FOMO for what it is and take control – it’s your life!

H x